obsessed with a dress

best red bridesmaid dress

mix and match bridesmaid dresses

mix and match bridesmaid dresses

timeless capri wedding

mix and match bridesmaid dresses

mix and match bridesmaid dresses

When I first spotted that red ruffle hem dress I gasped!

I have a confession to make. I stalk weddings. 

I love love love weddings. I still buy wedding magazines and have been known to talk to complete strangers that I overhear talking about weddings about table-scapes, place cards, wedding dresses and bridesmaids' colors. Thank you to Instagram and currently being in wedding season, weddings are easier to 'stalk' thanks to hashtags. 

I follow @tuckernuck on Instagram so stumbling across this one did not entail looking at wedding guest's photos that I am not friends with to find the wedding hashtag. I knew when I first saw that red ruffle hem dress that I needed it right away and to see more of this Capri destination wedding. The bride, a co-founder of the quintessential preppy company, designed the dresses and obviously has quite the eye. The bridesmaids wore a combination of blue and white Capri ready dresses, sunshine hello silk bow gowns, white off the shoulder bow top paired with a navy skirt and, my favorite, a poppy red ruffle hem dress, all floor length and fabulous. The maids carried coordinating roses and monogrammed cocktail sized straw totes. 

While doing more "research" I found out that the bride, who might have the coolest name ever {September} designed said gowns, including her timeless bridal gown, so I am just hoping that they will make an appearance on her site shortly. I am ready to make a deposit and then find a reason to wear it. {and how great would it be in navy??? hint, hint, hint September!} 

Here is a current version available now.  And I am beyond in love with this navy gown, which if this bridesmaid dress that I am already having dreams about doesn't make an appearance online, might be perfect for an upcoming cousin's wedding.  {Also love this short version that might be related to the bridesmaid's dress that I am obsessed with. }

photos courtesy of Tuckernuck Instagram and Insta-Stories


instagram recently

cute 11 month old photos

When we were recently in Idado to watch the eclipse, my mom snapped this adorable photo on Little Man's 11 month birthday. He was full of smiles and totally happy, like 99.9% of the moments of his life. 

This top has since sold out, but there is the fall version here and more similar options, all under $100, below. 

striped peplum top

On Monday mornings, I like to share the most clicked on item from the week before on my Insta Story. For the last couple of weeks, this striped peplum top currently on sale, {more sizes here} has been the most clicked on and purchased item. I have been wearing it at least once a week and I am sure that you are tired of seeing it. I recommend sizing down. I got a small but think an XS would have been better. 

Leave it to me to have our first real beach day ever be the first day of September. 

I always say that only San Diego natives don't really like the beach but that is because I don't like the beach. This photo was weeks ago, and there is still sand all over the car and stroller. Nevertheless, Madrid and Leo had a great time! Leo happily ate sand and didn't seem to mind the waves, until one almost knocked him over. Madrid, after prepping her and getting her ready all week by telling her we were going to the beach, seemed ok with "sand on my feeties" which is something she normally hates on the playground. 

My favorite moment of this week was her grasping my legs as waves came. Any chance for a snuggle! # momlife

white lace flutter top outfit

I can't stop wearing all white. This under $100 WHITE LACE FLUTTER TOP makes it a little too easy. Plus, I love the mix of the ultra feminine top with the extremely versatile white converse sneakers. and I get to twin with little man. 

family fall shoes

From my Insta Stories with some back to school shopping. My son has been wearing the WHITE VELCRO CONVERSE nonstop and my daughter can't wear these GLITTER LITTLE GIRLS SHOES. We have daily negotiations to not wear them in bed. 


mom outfit and why our kids aren't on the internet

striped pleated top
striped pleated top

striped pleated top

striped pleated top

striped pleated top

top : STRIPED PLEATED TOP {currently on sale for $41} // jeans : SKINNY RIPPED HIGH WAISTED JEANS // shoes : BLACK SUEDE SNEAKERS // bag : GUCCI MARMONT BAG 

I try to keep my life private.

A strange thing for a 'blogger' to do since this community has turned over sharing into a new way to make an income for 'stay at home yet share everything' moms. You can literally monetize your precious moments. Hashtag, thank you Internet!

I digress...

I try to keep my life private. Not because I think that I am at a risk for something bad to happen or I think I am too cool. I think we live in an era of over sharing and I often wonder of the long term repercussions of this time. What will we look back and think? What will presidential campaigns look like for the generations that have lived their lives out completely on their parents' social media channels? And furthermore, what are the health risks??? I constantly think about eye and vision health, overall stress levels and cancer being on the rise due to this over abundance of technology in our faces and on our minds.

So many times I catch myself enjoying a magical moment and stopping myself, wondering where my phone is to capture the moment...to share on social media. So many precious moments of the past year have gone by in the blink of an eye and I have one thought for the moments I captured and one thought for the moments I didn't: they still happened anyway and they were awesome. The moments that I treasure most, are the ones that I didn't document: Being home in our own bed with Leo 24 hours after having him, sitting in the hallway of our home the other afternoon while Leo was playing with Madrid's clothes hanging on the door, both kids playing in our bathroom in the mornings... The moments are endless. There are also endless moments that I don't remember at the drop of a hat, but come back to me when I look over my photos.

Because we don't share our children's faces and identities on the Internet {trust me, I have ticked off more than a few friends with this request!}, I feel like it is a personal reminder to enjoy real life and take a photo memento for my personal enjoyment. The idea of keeping our children off the Internet stemmed from us 1. not liking the Agreement of Use of many websites we all use and 2. the iPhone is not very old. The children that have been exposed to the iPhone and all that it comes with aren't even in the middle of grade school. We truly don't know or understand the repercussions that this over sharing entails.

My original argument to my parents, who were about to become first time grandparent, was simply privacy. There is a {couple} bloggers that I follow, joyfully, willingly and love them sharing their daily lives with their children. Yet, I haven't personally meet them. I would be able to pick their children out of a crowd, knowing their name, their last vacation, what they had for dinner...not to be being stalker, but for simply scrolling through my feed.

THIS BY NO MEANS IS ME PASSING JUDGMENT, thinking I am better than those that do share, or even thinking less of you if you do share every cute mom detail of life. Trust me, I have countless photos taken a day that are beyond adorable that I would love to share, but I don't because I want a little privacy.

I just worry that life is passing all of us by with our faces in our phones.

Don't forget! Moms, all of us, even the bad ones, are trying our very very best. No mom wakes up in the morning and thinks to herself, "I'm going to do a really bad job at this 'mom' thing today." We are all making the decisions, implementing the life and holding true to our convictions that we think will make the best life for our families and children

So, while you might think that I am being over judgmental, self righteous or hypocritical, take this over sharing post as a reminder to enjoy the real life moments that are happening all around you and put your phones down.

photos by Asha Bailey


first year as a family of 4

^ after Madrid's first day of school, hugging her brother

^ about 23 hours old

^ Leo's first birthday party

^ meeting for the second time but the first time at home

A letter to my perfect children,

It has been a complete year of our lives, complete thank you to you two. I never imagined I could be so happy, so exhausted, so exhilarated, so blessed, so patient, so overwhelmed, so complete. I wish I could bottle up the euphoria that I felt laying in my own bed roughly 24 hours after having Leo, hearing Madrid and dada playing in the hall, thinking I have never ever been so happy. But it has gotten better over the last 12 months.

Y'all are each so special, so kind, so happy, literally walking angels that we have been so blessed to be guardians of. I don't know how I am so lucky. If you only knew how much I love you, you wouldn't believe it and you will never know. I wrote this in Madrid's journal when she was born, but I totally still feel the same way: you will never know how much I love you because when you have your own children, you will think that there is no way that I loved you as much as you love them.

You both make me a better person, teach me life lessons each day and show me a new side of this glorious life. Whether it be seeing things for the first time or making each other laugh in the back seat, you complete my life each and every moment, especially on the tough ones. I love getting to relive the fun discoveries with Madrid taking her older sister role very seriously, always pointing out things to Leo, always showing him what she likes and always asking if he likes things too. My current favorite is telling Leo "it's Ok. We're almost there," when we get in the car.

You both make me so happy and I am excited to see you grow. I always tell you you are each others' best friends and I can't wait to see you go through life with each other by your side. There is no greater gift that I could give you besides my undying love and support and a sibling for each other.

This past year was full of every emotion under the sun, many challenges, some low lows and every high highs. I hope for each of you that the highs are extremely blissful and long and the lows aren't that low and are very short lived. I love you both beyond words. You both make our family complete. You make me proud and I love you both. Happy First Year.



momma wants a new bag...

black ysl bag

navy ferragamo bow bag

I need a new handbag like I need a hole in the head.

I could honestly get rid of 10 and we would still have an issue of me having too many. BUT...it is that time of year, yet again {my birthday} and I have been looking for something to spoil myself with and I have inevitably settled on shoes and bags. Original, I know. 

I stumbled upon this CHLOE MARCIE CROSSBODY on sale and thus it is at the top of my list. {here in cognac, here in nut brown, here in black}. But I can never deny a navy grosgrain ribbon, so this VARA MINI BAG is also on my wish list {and again, it is on sale!}. Below are more of my finds and I can't pick a favorite! I imagine this one will be good for the upcoming Coldplay concert and grubby mom days , whereas this one has been on my mind since falling in love with it last summer in Bergdorf Goodman while in New York City {but on that trip, I had already purchased this one while on a "walk." oops!}.

My indecisiveness makes me think none of them and to just get these nude scalloped flats instead. Oh the dilemmas of a spoiled birthday girl. 


mommy monday

best baby toy

This walker always get top rated for toddler and baby toys. It was the first noise making and plastic toy that Madrid got and we still love to watch videos of her carefully pulling herself up and then very cautiously using it to get around and then carefully sitting down when she got to her destination. Even when she was a confident walker, she would love to use it to stroll around the house. This keep Leo, at almost one, entertained for longer than most toys. Being all boy, he is on the move and not cautious like his sister! 

This is something that I always recommend to people who ask for gifts for babies about one year old. Even if you know a baby who is walking, all babies seem to love this. As you can see, both kiddos, Madrid almost 3 and Leo almost 1, love this toy and playing together!

navy puffer vest and striped tee

This vest is something that I post about every fall. I have a couple in my closet and wear them daily in the fall and winter as they are the perfect Southern California winter layer. I love them over workout gear, cashmere, chambray...the options are endless. Every year they include new colors, like this year's FLORAL EXCURSION VEST, which makes last year's styles cheaper {found here}. I have navy {in two styles. insert eye roll emoji here}, and herringbone. This year I am eyeing this Bordeaux color {$39} thinking it will be a perfect mom uniform with my favorite workout leggings in the same color. 

This is always my fall must have and I cannot recommend it to readers enough! 

sonix sunglasses

This brand of sunglasses I found SONIX SUNGLASSES during the Nordstrom sale and I literally am their biggest fan now! I love this company's phone cases but these sunglasses are amazing! I got these two pairs and love the look of them, get a ton of compliments on them {even my husband, who doesn't love or understand my sunglasses obsession, said he likes these ones} and the price point is on point. 

All moms now that sunglasses are a life saver for those days you don't quite have enough time to put on a simple coat of mascara or had a teething baby the night before. Plus, sunglasses are something I always recommend to give a closet a spruce up or when you are itching for something new but need nothing. 

white nike selfie

As seen on all our hiking Insta Stories from our end of summer trip to Sun Valley, these WHITE NIKE SNEAKERS are my workout mommy must have! I don't really know what I was thinking when I packed a brand new pair {...actually, I was thinking of a cute travel selfie that I totally forgot to take once dealing with kiddos at the airport} but they got trashed on all our hikes and morning runs. I ordered another pair before we even got home even though I have a similar style already. What can I say? I really like these shoes and that the white looks good with all workout clothing, especially my favorite navy leggings {tired of hearing about these yet?!?}. And if you are into the athleisure look, they are cute with just about everything. 

I do feel like white sneaks are on trend right now, even though we are well past Labor Day and I can already imagine mommy ready outfits with puffers vest and workout gear with clean white sneakers, even on the days that I don't get a workout in. I like to wash mine by spraying a stain remover and throwing them in the washing machine with my whites. I also do that with Leo's white sneakers


Instagram Lately

mom peplum outfit

This top is working overtime. I wore it yesterday too. 

eyelet peplum top

The mix of this sweater is perfect for mom playdate and preschool drop off. Plus, you know that I love a great peplum.

white daisy top

All white from our trip to Sun Valley to watch the eclipse. 

white ruffle sneakers

My blog photographer is just too good and I had to share this photo from an upcoming outfit post. Plus, I love these sneakers and wanted to show them off before Labor Day. {I just found them here in blush pink!}

The best BEST workout legging. I have them in navy three times: twice in 7/8 length and once in the capri. Promise, better than lulu. The fabric is like butter but you don't feel naked or not held in. THE best legging. {They have an amazing return policy too! You can wear them for a workout to give them the ultimate test and still return them if they aren't for you. #notsponsored I am just in love with these leggings and wanted to share! Asking for a couple of pairs of the fall ready burgundy color for my birthday.}

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