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I kid you not, when I say that I wear this GRAY TEE about every other day. {I have THE TANK, SHORT SLEEVE and LONG SLEEVE version. This was an accidental purchase but at each under $20, and them becoming my uniform, I have been paying myself on the back.}  And any outfit that is skinny jeans and a timeless pump, is my spirit animal. 

I am so excited for this weekend. I have a girls' spa weekend with one of my dearest friends at one of my favorite locations in the world. {AND it is only about 7 miles from my house. If you know me at all, you would think that this would have a strong influence on being named my favorite place, but I gave this location this title before we moved so close. Stay tuned for peaks on Instagram this weekend!}


workout Wednesday: pre workout at 50% off

best preworkout

When WM Nutrition asked me to collaborate, they must have been reading my mind. As you know, I post my weekly workout schedule here every Wednesday. This keeps me accountable to mix it up and bring it, but I also love hearing from you that you guys love reading these posts too! I've been pretty motivated lately to set my alarm at the 5am hour, make no excuses and get those workouts in. But, I wanted a little extra push...

This PRE WORKOUT is a game changer. My favorite time to take it is before an OrangeTheory class as I am quickly taking time off my mile and my comfortable speeds of running and pushing myself sprinting have increased in speed. AND they are offering our readers a 50% DISCOUNT with code NAVY50. 

The flavors are honestly better than I could have thought. I'm a little weird about protein powder and milkshake flavors as I have a strong gag reflex to the normal flavors of these things, but with this one, I found myself craving the Berry Flavor.  

For these early morning workouts or the days that I am tired from being a mom, life and the previous days workouts, these have been a life saver/changer. Honestly, if you are curious or trying to mix your workout up, looking at the calendar and realizing that your New Years Resolution is 4 months behind schedule and summer is closer than you realized, you will want to try this PRE WORKOUT. Plus, at 50% off with code NAVY50, it can't be missed! 

4 mile run with my little family!


Sweat App: BBG Stronger 1.0 Legs Week 7

OrangeTheory class 

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 1.0 Week 7 500 Ab Challenge
I'm going to be pissed if I'm not sore the next day!

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 1.0 Arms & Abs Week 7

Off- but technically, pushing a stroller, picking up and putting down an 18 months old and three year old (about 500 times!), holding them up over head to see the animals and dance parties around the zoo for 4 hours totally counts for a workout. 

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 1.0 Total Body Week 7


don't worry, I'm on the {wait} list...

meghan markle crossbody bag

meghan markle crossbody bag

It is no secret that I am a Loyalist Royalist and am obsessed with anything and everything Royal Family. I am not sure when this obsession started but I remember having a picture of Prince William in my locker in 8th grade that I found at the back of Vanity Fair magazine. 

I have a standing joke with some of my mom's friends about how I am besties with Kate Middleton to the point that when they are in London, they send me forged postcards signed from the Duchess. Call it silly, but to me they are the ultimate celebrity: classy, focused on using their platforms for doing good and are the standard of pomp and circumstance. 

With the upcoming Royal Wedding and Meghan Markle fever being at an all time high, I am finding myself stalking every Meghan Markle hashtag and googling information on her and wedding details on a daily basis. 

When she did her first royal engagement and wore a STRAHTBERRY bag, it sold out in minutes. {HERE is the style that she first wore, but in navy, available for preorder. And the MC MINI TOTE in four colors available now! This is the same style she first wore but in a smaller version.} But my favorite was this STRATHBERRY East/West Mini bag that Meghan wore in Scotland. I am officially on the wait list for navy {duh!} but Meghan Fever made me also fall in love with her emerald, or 'Hunter', green. Don't worry, I'm on the wait list.... for almost every color. 

UPDATE: ok. I'm kinda of Jonesing out...I found the EAST/WEST mini in white and navy HERE and have ordered it! I. Am. So. Excited. Now, just waiting for my wedding invitation and to dance with the Spice Girls at the wedding...

photos borrowed from here and google



floral maxi

floral maxi dress outfit

formal floral maxi dress outfit
formal floral maxi dress outfit

classy floral maxi dress

floral dress outfit

black puppy photoshoot

black puppy photoshoot

tiny heart necklace and sunglasses

new puppy photoshoot

new puppy photoshoot

woodstock maxi dress

black lab puppy photoshoot

puppy and blogger

best black cat eye sunglasses

formal floral maxi dress

floral dress in the wind

new puppy photoshoot


Anyone else feeling overwhelmed?

Lately, I can't shake the feeling of being overwhelmed or impending doom. While I do tend to feel that I am being a little dramatic, I can't seem to get a handle on life lately. Things are happening too quickly, excitement or change is at an all time high and I constantly feel that I am forgetting something. I find myself packing and repacking diaper bags and day bags, walking in circles looking for the car keys that are inevitably in my hands and running back in the house to "grab one more thing" and then having no idea of what it is. 

Maybe it is because I am trying to do it all and don't think that I can possibly. Maybe it is the hassle of trying to run a business, be a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter and a cute, well informed, on  top of current events, clean and showered one at that.

I was lucky enough to be sat next to one of my brother's friends at a recent event and we were discussing life and the always changing aspect of it. He was always nice to me, and always felt like a brother even though the calendar would claim that I hadn't seen him in years. He had gone through hardships and also recently got married ands started a family. We agreed that there are endless phases of life that are ever changing and we both wanted to pause it to enjoy the current phase. 

Maybe that is just it, I am constantly searching for the pause button. 

I am so enjoying getting to know myself and have recently realized that while we are all constantly looking to adjust to current life situations, life situations are only current for a moment. Never are things comfortable, constant or normal. Especially with two young ones.

While I like to share pretty moments, clean outfit and "perfect" moment on social media, please be aware that this is not reality! I truly hope it is for some accounts I follow, but know with mine, that there are many, many moments that you don't see. I like to keep moments private, live in the moment and not document everything. My family is dealing with not one, but two earth shattering, life changing, rattle you to your core diagnoses, but I know that you don't want to hear about it or see it. Nor do I want to share it with you. And the people that it affects most have asked me not to. 

Again and again, I state that I am a bad blogger. The list is never-ending and growing by the day: I don't put my kids on the Internet, I don't like to document everything, I don't have the patience or time to put makeup on everyday, that's why you see me using a lot of filter in Insta stories or of me talking to my feet. My life is blessed, balanced and I am lucky to have it. But I want to reiterate, what you see is not what you get. It is inevitable to compare ourselves, but I want to remind you that empowered women empower women. 

I am not a huge fan of group pictures with hashtag mom tribe or squad goals because it feel clicky and high school. I pride myself in being a part of this group of women who are trying to do it all, part of this group of bloggers who think they have it together to tell you, "you must have this top!", part of this generation of moms that have the world at their finger tips, but with unbalance pressures to therefore do it all and share it all too. 

I don't really know what I am trying to get at by sharing this, but I hope that it touches another mom who found herself feeling defeated for no good reason, or for a young women who doesn't feel good enough. You. Are. and YOU are doing great. 

these amazing photos are by ASHA BAILEY



Workout Wednesday: My weekly schedule

best green workout leggings
SUNLOVER TOP this is super flattering, is sustainable as it is made from recycled nylon and offers 50+ UPF protection, thus it's name // GREEN HIGH WAISTED LEGGINGS // ROSE GOLD RUNNING SNEAKERS size up. I wear a 7 in my flats, but got an 8 in these. 

Sweat App: Stronger 1.0 Weight Challenge Week 5
Think mountain climbers, jumping rope, bicep curl to a press, walking lunges, etc. It took about 30 minutes
25 minutes elliptical

3.2 mile run outside at sunrise, by myself!

Sweat App: Stronger 1.0 Legs Week 6

OrangeTheory class with my bestie!

Sweat App: Stronger 1.0 Full Body Week 6
1.5 mile walk with the double stroller and puppy!

6 am CorePower Yoga Sculpt

Sweat App: Stronger 1.0 Arms & Abs Week 6

4 mile run with my little family!



instagram lately

blush lace dress

Y'all know by now that I have a shopping problem. So I love doing 'Try On Hauls' for you in Instagram stories. You can find these stories saved to my Instagram profile. 

This LACE DRESS is super flattering, I love the sheer shoulders, the fit {size down} and that it comes in light blue and navy. It would be great for any Spring festivities that you save: baby or wedding showers, wedding or simply a date night!

navy ballet flats and navy ysl

Grosgrain ribbon makes me extremely happy. 

Maybe it's because I was a child in the 80's and my mom had one in my hair, coordinating my outfit of course, every day. Maybe its because I am now a mom and do the exact same thing with Madrid's bows. {ALLIGATOR CLIP HAIR BOWS}. Nevertheless, these shoes are my spirit animal. They have since sold out, but I love this BLUSH FLAT ESPADRILLE version. 

lace floral top outfit

Original post HERE.

This LACE FLORAL TOP had me doing a double take when I spotted it shopping with the kiddos. It was a couple of weeks ago when Madrid still had her cast, so she was in the stroller and Leo was all over the place, crawling under everything clothing rack he would fit, preferably choosing ones that I couldn't fit under. I grabbed this top quickly and headed straight to the counter, without even trying it on. Thanks to my Workout Wednesday posts, I was confident to wear it without a tank under, or just a black bra. Yet, when I was shooting these photos with ASHA, of course, I couldn't find it. This BLUSH LACE BRALETTE perfectly blended in with my skin color and the top, without taking away any from the beautiful detailing of the top or making me feel like I was exposing too much. 

italia tee outfit

Original post HERE

This outfit is me 100% = skinny jeans, a blazer and flats, whether they be flats or my mommy ready CONVERSE SNEAKERS



workout Wednesday: my weekly schedule

both in color 'Crushed Berry'

3.25 mile run pushing the Double Running Stroller

Sweat App: Stronger 1.0 Rep Challenge Week 4
25 minutes on the elliptical

I am loving these "extra" workouts in the Sweat App. My week hadn't restarted but I still wanted a strength workout. This took about 25 minutes and was upper body workouts with 400 repetitions. Think bicep curls with overhead press, lat pull downs, and incline pushups. 

Sweat App: Stronger 1.0 Legs Week 5 with these RESISTANCE EXERCISE BANDS on my mid thighs for the entire workout. 

As I shared on IG stories, I trying to get my workout documented {insert eye roll emoji here} and being on Instagram too much during my workout, reset the app. So I did 1.5 workouts. 

If you are unfamiliar with the app and workout concept, you do two sets, each 7 minutes long, two times through. So you do 4 sets of 7 minute circuits. Since my app reset, I did 6 sets of 7 minute circuits, doing each one three times instead of two. I had a hard time bending down the next day...

4 mile run along the water pushing Leo in the BOB STROLLER.

Sweat App: Stronger 1.0 Arms & Abs Week 5

OrangeTheory class with my bestie who is in town!

Sweat App: Stronger 1.0 Full Body Week 5

Sweat App: Stronger Weight Challenge Week 5
Think mountain climbers, jumping rope, bicep curl to a press, walking lunges, etc. It took about 30 minutes
25 minutes elliptical


suede flat espadrilles

blush flat espadrille

As a mom, I'm all about making life simple.

I have done a major re haul on my closet, getting rid of clothes that I even have to wonder about {like, when I reach for it, do I have to ponder if I will like how it looks or how I feel wearing it}, things that haven't been worn or things that don't really go with anything else. 

I have also gotten rid of stuff that takes too much effort, like too much ironing, or after picking up and putting down the kids {carrying them both at the same time is the best all day workout!}, the top just doesn't look cute anymore. 

So, with this being said, a shoe that I have to tie doesn't quite fit in my "no fuss" closet. BUT I couldn't resist. 

After re-finding and re-falling in love with the pair I shared in this Instagram post, I have since decided I need, yes, need, another pair. So I am happy to share that I found all the options for this shoe HERE! They run true to size, I got a 7/37, but there is limited colors and sizes, so get on it! And they are more than 50% off.

I only wish I had thought of slipping them in my Easter basket...


Instagram lately

frayed denim skirt outfit

Original post HERE

This outfit is such a mom outfit, which makes me love it even more. 

I was trying to find the perfect reason to wear this top but then I decided to seize the day and wear it on a nothing "mom day." {when I have nothing really to do and am just being a mom. This could mean I'm putting out fires, or that I've planned a fun day at the playground or a playdate, or that I've convinced the kids that a super market run is the funniest thing ever! Ya know, just being a mom!}

best gray tee

I love when I go looking for basics for the kids and throw a little something for myself in that electronic shopping cart. I didn't realize it at the time, but I accidentally ordered this tee in the tank, the short sleeve and the long sleeve. All are cut a little different, the hem being a little different on each. What is the same is this perfect marled grey color that I have worn after a workout, to church and dressed up with skinny jeans and heels for a date. I'm telling you, you need this gray of perfection in your closet. And it's under $20, no matter what tee you decide on. 

polo button down mom outfit

These kind of photos happen all the time where the kids are in the foreground, the background or completely blocking the shoes/jeans/lipliner I'm trying to share with y'all. But I do love that best honing mechanism for little ones is for Mom to simply sit down on the ground. Without fail, every single time, they will take that as an invitation to climb all over me and/or sit in my lap. The simple joys of hashtag mom life!

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